No Contracts

No contract required

Flexible Pricing

Upgrade/Downgrade at Any Time

Send MMS

Send images or videos


Plan ahead or send recurring texts

Create Lists

Target groups within your contacts

Web Based

Web-based, self-service access

Send Group Texts or 1 : 1

Group messages or communicate directly


Measure the performance of your campaigns

open rates

Respond to a text
within 30 minutes

Frequency of people checking their phones


People Prefer to Text

People spend more time texting on their phones than nearly any other mobile activity. Plus, 75% of people prefer to receive SMS offers and notifications.

Your Audience Wants Your Messages

Recipients are active and engaged because they have proactively opted in to receive your texts. No hoping they see your ad in a magazine, scroll by your post on Facebook or hear about your upcoming sale from a friend.

It’s Simple to Get Started

A self-service text marketing tool like AgTxt grows with you. Our flexible pricing plans and zero startup cost allow you to ramp up quickly and only spend money on what you need.